13 for ’13: SEC swagger at high tide

First of all, lower your defenses. Your ammunition will do you no good here. Seven years into the SEC’s reign over the BCS Championship Game, protests against the narrative of ongoing Southern dominance in college football will only fall on deaf ears. With each successive crown they get a little deafer. Resistance is futile.

Which is not to say, even in the wake of Alabama’s one-sided, 42-14 romp over Notre Dame earlier this month, that the narrative is necessarily true. Aside from the championship game, there are valid caveats, counterpoints and chinks in the armor. Since 2005, for example – one year before the start of the championship run – SEC teams are a paltry 3-4 in the Sugar Bowl, having dropped three of their last four there. They’re also well below .500 in that span against opponents from the lowly Big East. The Big Ten remains the most profitable league on a per-school basis, and its actual record vs. the SEC in bowl games defies the B1G’s reputation for annual futility in the series. Insert standard accusations of oversigning, soft scheduling, media bias and academic indifference here.

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