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It’s Here Finally – Basketball That Is

Basketball season is finally here – well it’s been here for a few weeks now but, this is the time when most people start paying attention and the season is about to start heating up.

In the SEC this year there is really only two groups of teams. You have the top half or should I say top third and this is a group of really good teams to pretty good teams. The rest is a group of really bad teams.

For many Rebel fans out there this is the year Coach Andy Kennedy takes this team to the tourney or he is out at Ole Miss.

I feel the same although, for different reason than most. The Rebs are 6-1 coming off a loss at Middle Tennessee.  The Question on all the Rebel faithful’s minds is – is this a tournament team?

I believe it absolutely is and this team has the pieces to make it to the tourney. Having two All-SEC type players in Reginald Buckner and Murphy Holloway make a huge difference – add in a new sharp shooter in Marshall Henderson, a really solid point guard in Jarvis Summers and on paper this is a quality team with a true shot at the NCAA’s.

This team still has some problems and things Kennedy will have to fix. This is a team without a quality backup PG right now. This showed in the lost MTSU when Summers got in foul trouble. After Summers Kennedy is left with Ladarius White who is really a wing player and Derrick Millinghaus who is a freshman that isn’t ready yet.

 Millinghaus still needs some time to develop and this comes with court minutes and coaching. I think as the season goes on Millinghaus will get better, much like Summers did last year.

The other problem is when Henderson isn’t on his game like last Saturday; others have to pick up the slack at the guard position. Those two problems showed in the last Saturday game and it’s the reason this team lost. Kennedy still has time to fix this but it has to happen fast.

This team has two “should be” wins in the next 7 -days before heading to Hawaii for a tournament. This trip is the last chance for them to get some quality OOC wins and this team needs to go 3-1 at least.

After returning home from the tournament in Hawaii, SEC play will start and we all know how important SEC play is for a teams post season chances.

 Will this team make the NCAA Tournament?  Only time will tell but one thing is for sure and that is if this team does not make the dance then Kennedy YOU ARE OUT OF HERE!


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