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MIRS Show 10/21/2014 – We ready for night time in Baton Rouge and Lexington to stay undefeated!!! The nation’s best podcast is here!

MIRS Show 10/14/2014 – A new episode of MakeItRainSport with Dave Bartoo from @CFBMatrix. Mississippi schools at #1 and #3 are breaking the mold and beating the matrix

MIRS Show 10/7/2014 – We are talking about all the action from the weekend as both MSU and OleMiss move into a #3 ranking after beating Texas A&M and Alabama.  We visit with Chadd Scott from 1010 XL in Jacksonville, FL to get the national reaction to what is going on with our two favorite teams!

MIRS Show 9/30/2014 – Patrick Schmidt from Fansided joins the show and Jake says Dak is a heisman trophy candidate much to Ole Miss fans dismay

MIRS Show 9/9/2014 – The MIRS crew gives their tribute to Jack Cristil and talks with Adam Kramer from The Bleacher Report

MIRS Show 8/26/2014 – Preview Boise and USM games right here on MakeItRainSports LINK

MIRS Show 8/19/2014 – Talking to Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork about expectations, schedules, expansion, handling social media on 

MIRS Show 8/12/2014 – The MS Football Arms Race – preview of Bama, UGA and more from Jon Cooper with Saturday Down South 

MIRS Show 8/5/2014 – Listen here to MIRS with Dave Bartoo of

MIRS Show 7/29/2014 – Lot of laughs today, we preview Florida Missouri and ask, “what if there was one team in MS?”

MIRS Show 7/22/2014 – This week we visit withCourtney Cronin from the Clarion Ledger and we preview LSU and Kentucky

MIRS Show 7/15/2014 – Check out Patrick Schmidt from Fansided talking SEC Football.

MIRS Show 7/8/2014 – Adam Kramer is on now, breaking down SEC football.

MIRS Show 6/24/2014 – An all-new show with SEC baseball veteran Brooks Bryan. Ole Miss is Omaha

MIRS Show 6/17/2014 – What’s the forecast for the SEC West? Michael Felder from Bleacher Report comes on to discuss.

MIRS Show 6/11/2014 – An all-new MakeItRainSport just in time to look back at the Lafayette Super Regional and more. #RebsBSB

MIRS Show 6/4/2014 – A baseball-heavy MakeItRainSport: | No #OleMiss-Miss. St. super regional. The Rebels, however, are moving on.

MIRS Show 5/28/2014 – All new show | A lot happening in the world of college baseball in Mississippi. Don’t miss out.

MIRS Show 5/6/2014 – All-new show with Robby Donoho and storm disaster interviews w #Redcross –>

MIRS Show 4/28/2014 – All-new MakeItRainSport with Steve Robertson from GenesPage and Dave Bevan editor of @OleHottyToddy

MIRS Show 4/22/2014 – Hear John Talty and Mr Monday Night Nate Wayne talk recruiting and SEC foot ball

MIRS Show 4/15/2014 – Still struggling through the morning? An all-new MakeItRainSport is here to help. An hour of half of goodness.

MIRS Show 4/8/2014 – Creg Stephenson from the Mississippi Press and Dave Bartoo from

MIRS Show 4/1/2014 – Attorney John Hinkle joins us talk College Football Unions, Laurie Dyer from and Brett Adams and Brett Hawkes join us to talk about their rival based facebook page “Bulldogs and Rebels Lay the Smack Down!” A fun show here!

MIRS Show 3/24/2014 – Russell Steinberg from SB Nation covers college basketball and Patrick Schmidt from Fansided

MIRS Show 3/17/2014 – USA Today writer Dan Wolken, Robbie Faulk from Rivals and former OleMiss RB Cordera Eason

MIRS Show 3/10/2014 – Former OleMiss FB Charles Stackhouse and Paul Jones from Bulldogs247

MIRS Show 3/3/2014 – Scott McKinney from Southern Sports Tonight, Peter Flournoy from The Dr SEC show on Yahoo Sports

MIRS Show 2/24/2014 – Super Bowl Champion from the Seattle Seahawks and former MSU player KJ Wright also former OleMiss QB Romaro Miller and National Football writer Adam Kramer

MIRS Show 2/17/2014 – Clint Gannon from WB07N, former MSU baseball player Brooks Bryan and SB Nation writer Adam Jocobi

MIRS Show 02/10/2014 – Chad Scott  from Jacksonville, FL SportsBiz Radio on

Click here for the full show!

MIRS Show 02/03/2014 – Talking with John Pitts, Dave Bartoo and Phillip Marks

MIRS Show 01/27/2014 – With Tim Bennett, talking about the baseball stadium in Biloxi, Steve Robertson (@ScoutSteveR) on MSU and our vary own Jake Wimberly has a rant for a fello Rebel Sports Radio personality..

MIRS Show 1/20/2014 – With Jon Cooper (@JonSDS) and Shane Power (@Shanepower21) talking college football, basketball and more.

MIRS Show 1/13/2014 – With Webb Lewis of, Robbie Faulk of (Bulldog Blitz) and Russ Steinberg of

MIRS Show 1/8/2014 – Mississippi Hall of Fame Executive Director Rick Cleveland and Clint Gannon from THE CLINT GANNON SHOW

MIRS Show 12/31/2013 – New Years Eve show with Jake Wimberly and Sam Wells, discusses Ole Miss’ Music City Bowl and sets up MSU’s Liberty Bowl

MIRS Show 12/17/2013 – Bowl Pick Show with LandsharkNation’s Johnathan Ferguson, ESPN’s Edward Acshoff and ClarionLedger’s John Talty

MIRS Show 12/10/2013 – Adam Kramer, Chris Brooks and Patrick Schmidt

MIRS Show 12/3/2013 – Michael Bonner, John Davis

MIRS Show 11/26/2013 – Egg Bowl Round Table – Stephen Agostinelli, Austin Golding and Sam Wells

MIRS Show 11/19/2013 – Paul Jones, Richard Cross, Adam Jacobi and Liz Honey

MIRS Show 11/12/2013 – Dave Bartoo and Patrick Schmidt

MIRS Show 11/5/2013 – Hunter Jarvis, Michael Felder, Liz

MIRS Show 10/21/2013 with Chris Brooks

MIRS Show 10/21/2013 with Jen Smith

MIRS Show 10/21/2013 with Jay White with MS Sports This Morning @620MSTM

MIRS Show 10/14/2013 with Jon Pennington

MIRS Show 10/14/2013 with John Davis

MIRS Show 10/14/2013 with Paul Jones with

MIRS Show 09/30/2013 with Matt Wyatt of the statewide Show Head To Head Radio talking about MSU football. Can find him on twitter at @maroonwyatt or on  @headtoheadradio

MIRS Show 09/30/2013 with Ron Higgens Sports writer/columnist for and

MIRS Show 09/30/2013 with  Chris Furhmiester who writes on Auburn for @CollegeAndMag. College football for @SBNationCFB. Co-host, The College and Mag Show on@WarEagleRadio . You can also can’t him on the website

MIRS Show 09/23/2013 Clint Gannon talking about Alabama Football and what he thinks about the Al vs UM game. Follow him at @clintgannon on twitter.

MIRS Show 09/23/2013 Adam Jacobi talking SEC football and you can follow him at @Adam_Jacobi on twitter.

MIRS Show 09/23/2013 Bart Gregory talking MSU football and you can follow him @bartgregory on twitter.

MIRS Show 09/09/2013  Barrett Sallee  Lead SEC CFB Writer for @BleacherReport, analyst on @CSSSports. Catch him on Twitter @BarrettSallee 

MIRS Show 09/09/2013  Dave Bartoo  Creator of CFBMatrix Follow him on Twitter @cfbmatrix

MIRS Show 09/09/2013  Jonathan Woo  We preview Texas for the upcoming Ole Miss vs Texas Game

MIRS Show 09/09/2013 Nate Kennedy  Follow him at @n8rix while we talk about the Texas vs BYU game

MIRS Show 09/09/2013 Acey Roberts Getting Acey’s opinion on the previous weekend of football while he is roaming somewhere in Nashville this week. You can follow Acey at @aceyrob

MIRS Show 09/02/2013 Doug Colson with MS Sports This Morning @620MSTM

MIRS Show 08/26/2013 Seth Krug Interview Talking Oklahoma State Football and you can follow him at @sethkrug1 and at 

MIRS Show 08/26/2013 Jeff Lockridge Interview Talking Vanderbilt Football and you can follow him at @jefflockridge and at

MIRS Show 08/26/2013 Jenny Wilburn Interview Executive Producer at Mississippi Public Broadcasting ( talking about injuries and documentary production of Southern Remedy

MIRS Show 08/19/2013 Round Table Discussion Part 1 Discussing Ole Miss and MS State Football with Sam Wells, Stephen Agostinelli, Acey Roberts and Jake Wimberly

MIRS Show 08/19/2013 Round Table Discussion Part 2 Discussing Ole Miss and MS State Football with Sam Wells, Stephen Agostinelli, Acey Roberts and Jake Wimberly

MIRS Show 08/19/2013 Jake Adams Interview Co-Publisher/Editor In Chief of

MIRS Show 08/19/2013 Paul Jones Interview with

MIRS Show 08/12/2013 Michael Bonner with talking MS State

MIRS Show 08/12/2013 Land Shark Nation interview Jonathan Ferguson of

MIRS Show 08/12/2013 Bernie Burnette interview of GA Interview

MIRS Show 08/05/2013 Clint Gannon Host TV/Radio The Clint Gannon Show Previewing Alabama

MIRS Show 08/05/2013 Patrick Schmidt w/ and Host The Wake-up Call on WISC-AM Chicago.

MIRS Show 08/05/2013 Adam Kramer Founder and gatekeeper of Kegs ‘n Eggs (

MIRS Quick Take – Mississippi high school football – high school football take

MIRS Show 07/29/2013 Chris Buttgen Assistant Director of Sports Video at Ole Miss

MIRS Show 07/29/2013 John Talty with the Clarion Ledger (Jackson, MS)

MIRS Show 07/29/2013 Scott Wimberly with Living Your Destiny with Scott Wimberly

MIRS Show 07/22/2013 Tom Goldkamp

MIRS Show 07/22/2013 Jon Solomon from

MIRS Show 07/22/2013  Paul Jones with

Media Days Jake Wimberly breaks down Mississippi State’s media day experience.

MIRS Show 07/09/2013 Steve Robertson interview

MIRS Show 07/09/2013  Webb Lewis from talking Ole Miss Recruiting and more.

MIRS Show 07/09/2013  Jon Solomon from

Ole Miss Fans Quick Take 7-5-13 Add some caution to the 2013 expections

September-MSU schedule  A look into the September football schedule for Mississippi State

Mississippi State fan – Fast break – Wake up Mississippi State fan

MState Baseball wrap Putting a bow on Mississippi State baseball 2013.

Quick Take 6-27-13 Welcome – Our new feature called the MIRS quick takes.  Our fast pace, two minutes of whatever we want to get to you that we deem relevant.  From sports, to things you say or do to odd world news and more.  Like a two minute drill in football but faster!

(5/27/13) Special one hour baseball special, talking regional play and a little football.  We go in depth on both Mississippi State and Ole Miss’s regional pairings and their chances with former SEC baseball standout Brooks Bryan MakeItRainSports

(5/21/13) Jake Adams @adamsjaken discusses the new Rebel Nation magazine – Paul Jones @PJ247Sports with discusses bulldog baseball and football recruiting – and Hunter Jarvis from SBNations’ and talks all things Texas A&M as we preview the Aggies and Johnny Footballs vacation schedule right her on MakeItRainSports

(4/30/13) Sigmund Bloom @sigmundbloom talks NFL draft – Analesa Presley @Rebel_agp calls in and addresses her internet fame – Ginger Poulson @gingerpoulson and Adam Kramer @kegsneggs talks NCAA Football playoffs all here on MakeItRainSports

(4/23/13) Dave Bartoo @CFBMatrix – Doug Coulson from MS Sports this Morning @620MSTM – and Stephen Thompson @Beastmansteve MakeItRainSports

(4/16/2013) Pete Roussell @coachingsearch – Brooks Bryan, former MSU baseball player – John Davis @OxfordeagleJD Oxford Eagle  MakeItRainSports

(4/9/2013) Barrett Sallee @barrettsallee – Tiffany Boyte @tiffanyboyte Reports live from the NCAA championship basketball game – Paul Jones @PJ247Sports Bulldog 247 Sports and Vsporto President Keith Jasper sits in-studio on MakeItRainSports

(4/2/2013) Tony Bahou @TheRealBahou MS Blood Services – John Talty @jtalty – Bunkie Perkins @bunkieperkins Every Day Should Be Saturday  MakeItRainSports

(2/12/13) Gary Parrish @garyparrishcbs from ESPN radio 92.9 in Memphis talks Ole Miss/MSU basketball – Dave Bartoo @cfbmatrix discusses the statistical impact of recruiting by both schools – We preview Ole Miss Baseball with former OM player and owner of “Got Game Baseball” sets up the upcoming season for the Rebels –> IncarceratedBob slam, what not to do for valentines day and a whole lot more RebelSportsRadio21213

(2/5/13) John Farley @johnboy4713 from talking msu recruting – John Davis @oxfordeagleJD Sports Editor fromthe Oxford Eagle covers Ole Miss recruting and Adam Kramer @kegsneggs and cover both school from a national perspective.  Its all crootin’ all the time here on Make It Rain Sports Bulldogsradio2513

(1/9/13)’s John Talty @jtalty – Bleacher Report’s Adam Kramer @kegsneggs – We also talk with John Farly about his new website –> Bowl Recaps, recruiting is hot! and more RebelSportsRadio1913

(12/11/12) Coaching carosel, recruiting, bowl trips with Dave Bartoo from the College Football Matrix @cfbmatrix – John Davis Sports Editor from Oxford Eagle @oxfordeaglejd – Steven Thompson Fairway Sports @beastmansteve –> Bulldogsradio1211

(12/4/12) ESPN’s Edward Aschoff @AschoffESPN – Brandon Marcello Clarion-ledger @bmarcello – Jon Rawl from the Hotty Toddy Hotline CRM Sports @jonrawl   –> RebelSportsRadio124

(11/27/12) Egg Bowl recap show with Rick Cleveland @rick_cleveland Ex. Dir. MS Sports Hall of Fame – Adam Kramer @kegsneggs Lead National College Football Writer for –> Bulldogsradio1127

(11/6/12) Chadd Scott from The World’s Most Dangerous Blog @chaddscott – Dave Bartoo from The College Football Matrix @cfbmatrix – Brandon MS High School head coach, Brad Peterson @pete_brad –> RebelSportsRadio1106

(10/29/12) Barrett Sallee, Bleacher Reports SEC Lead Football Writer @BarrettSallee – Jeff Schultz, AJC sports columnist @JeffSchultzAJC – Derek Lafitte, SBNation writer @DerekAggie06 –> Bulldogsradio1030

(10/23/12) Former Mississippi State Head Coach Jackie Sherrill – Phillips Marks Fox16 Little Rock, AR @phillipmarks – Michael Felder Bleacher Reports Lead College FB Writer @inthebleachers

(10/16/12) Matt Wyatt @MaroonWyatt Co-Host – John Hinkle VP Ole Miss QB Club – Jay White @620MSTM Co-Host MS Sports this Morning

(10/9/12) Joel Erickson @joelAEricksonAU Auburn Beat Writer with – Adam Kramer @kegsneggs Lead National College Football Writer for – Todd Wakefield @BGHtheshow Tennessee Sports Radio

(10/2/12) Rick Cleveland @rick_cleveland Ex. Dir. MS Sports Hall of Fame – Dave Bartoo @CFBMatrix – Hunter Jarvis @OrionHJarvis from

(9/25/12) Rod Walker @rwalker1906, High School sports update – Blythe Brumleve @guysgirl berates NFL referees – Coach Max Howell from @zone4thquarter 97.3FM in Birmingham

(9/18/12) Michael Felder @InTheBleachers, – Dave Bartoo @CFBatrix Ryne Hancock, Author of Goodnight Cassie (Attn: LSU fans!)

(9/11/12) Special 1hour show, no interviews, all MakeItRainSports

(9/3/12) Dave Bartoo @CFBMatrix – Adam Kramer @kegsneggs – Special guest Analesa Presley @Rebel_AP from   –>

(8/28/12) Brad Locke – Jake Adams – Michael Felder @InTheBleachers, Bleacher Report – John Talty Lead Recruiting Writer, –>

(8/21/12) Bob Carskadon – Neal McCready – Tim Tucker Atlanta Journal Constitution previews the Georgia Bulldogs – Cris Brooks from talks High School Football –>

(8/14/12) Dave Bartoo – Rachel Baribeau 97.3 the zone Birmingham – Joel Erickson previewing Auburn Tigers –>

(8/9/12) Richard Cross – John Farley – Jeff Lockridge from previews Vanderbilt –>

(7/26/12) ESPN’s Edward Aschoff – Kevin Spain Times Picayune (LSU/Saints) – Hugh Kellenberger Clarionledger – Former MS State corner Eugene Clinton  –>

(7/19/12)’s John Pennington –’s Todd Wakefield (Tennessee Vols) – MS Sports magazine’s Greg Peavey –>

(7/12/12)’s Dave Bartoo –’s Barrett Sallee – Democrat Gazette’s Richard Davenport (Arkansas Razorbacks) –>

(6/28/12) Former Rebel Great John Avery on MIRS on Rebel Sports Radio –>

(6/21/12) Former Bulldog QB and Co-Host of Matt Wyatt –>

Jake and Acey on WLBT to discuss the MIRS Steak Cookoff! –>

Clip of Dave Bartoo interview from –>

First MIRS show on Vsportonetworks –> 06-08-2012 Show

VsportoNetwork interview introducing MakeItRain Sports –>> Jake Wimberly’s Interview

MakeItRainSports at St Pattys Day 2012 – Jackson, MS –>


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