The Legend of Dak Prescott

By the time Dak Prescott leaves Mississippi State, we may be looking at the most heroic Bulldog of all time. Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves here. I’m not only speaking of his talents on the field, but also his talents off the field. This young man has “IT” on and off the field.

As we head off to Starkville to see our Bulldog baseball team play, it’s always a long trip with my nine year old son, even if it’s only an hour and a half drive. A big reason for that is Dak Prescott.

His name was mentioned at least 500 times. That is probably a low number to say the least. “Dad, does Dak have the tools to play in the NFL?”, “Dad, do you think Dak will win the Heisman this year?”, “Dad, can you take me to watch Dak in Tuscaloosa this year?” There’s far more, but you get my drift.

Never in a million years would Jaycob have dreamed of meeting Dak Prescott that beautiful night. Sitting not too far behind us, Jake stared up and immediately forgot about the baseball game. We couldn’t wait any longer. It was time to approach Dak.

My son was finally getting to meet his favorite football player, his hero, and his idol. It was everything I expected from the young man, and more.

Jake, in a “wow” moment, wanted me to ask him for a picture and tell him about his birthday cake, which is something I figured he would remember since it was his picture on the cake and he was the first to retweet it. Of course Dak tells him “yes” and goes on to ask him “did it taste good?”. Something my son has treasured. This may seem relatively small to some, but this moment meant the World to my son. That’s all that matters.


We return to our seats and get back to watching our Bulldog baseball team. We’re moving right along watching two powerhouses go toe to toe. As we start to pull away and I’m getting hyped and into the game, my wife taps me on my shoulder and says “look at Dak”.

When I turn around, Dak is right above us, a little to our right, hanging out with a young man that’s disabled and in a wheel chair. They are having a blast. Dak has made this young man’s night.

He stayed down there with him at least two innings, maybe longer. It was just awesome to see our star QB, who happens to be a Heisman hopeful according to many, having fun at a baseball game with this young man, not to mention the way he interacted with the crowd.


A star has been born in Starkville. And again, not only because of his talents on the field, but also the way he carries himself off the field. Dak Prescott is already a legend in the eyes of my son, and as a father, that’s all that matters.

The Legend of Dak Prescott is upon us.

12 thoughts on “The Legend of Dak Prescott”

  1. Houston Everett is the disabled guy Dak was hanging out with (from the picture). Houston is an AVID Mississippi State sports fan. Every MSU sports player knows who Houston is because he is at every single game. He’s an awesome kid and all of the players at MSU have taken him on as a fellow “player.” It makes my heart smile when I hear stories about this though. Dak is amazing, generous, and kind. #HailState

    1. I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak with Houston by phone yesterday. Very nice young man that I will have the chance to meet soon. I look forward to both myself & my family meeting him. We as fellow Bulldogs are blessed to have this young man as a part of the family.

  2. What a great guy. Very happy to have a qb to be proud of on and off the field. When its his senior day I would be very proud as I know many others would be to stand with him.

  3. I’m a little prejudiced because I carried Dak around on my hip when he was little, but just have to put my 2 cents in for what it’s worth. Lest anyone think Dan is putting on an act for any reason, let me assure you he isn’t!! He has been an incredibly sweet and empathetic young man his whole life. I’m so happy his Bulldog family lived him as much as we, his biological family do!! We’ve ALWAYS known he was something special!!!

  4. I love this. I remember that moment against TSUN when Dak, who we thought was injured and wouldn’t play, stepped on the field in the fourth quarter and won us that football game. But are we really considering this guy a Heisman candidate? I mean, I think Dak is a great player, but he has much room for improvement before even being considered for football’s greatest prize. He isn’t THAT good.

    1. Every College player in the country has “room” for improvement. Something they need to improve in. No one is saying Dak will win the Heisman, they are calling him a hopeful.

      What that means, in my eyes, is that if he does improve the way he’s expected to and lives up to his tools, then this kid has every bit the chance as anyone else does.

      Dak is a special football player, but more importantly, an even better person. His potential is through the roof and he is being led by a coach that knows a little about developing dual threat QB’s.

    2. Hello! Can you not read???? He ‘s a G-R-E-A-T G-U-Y!!!!
      Sorry to the rest of the posters but it burns me up when someone is so negative/cruel/jealous when there is such goodness. Make that statement in front of a crowd of State fans:) lil bit of advice, stay behind your screen. I will save this in my favorites and report back to you at the end of the season.

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