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Mississippi State’s Head Coach Rick Ray Loses His Temper with Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson After a Tough Road Loss

It appears Coach Rick Ray had a few choice words for Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson after the Rebels ran away with a 19 point win, 82-63 on their home floor to improve to 5-1 in the SEC and 14-5 overall.  Mississippi State falls to 3-3 in the SEC and 13-6 overall.

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Update 1:  The above conversation has been translated between Marshall and Coach Ray: Marshall – “That’s right, we going to the Library tonight in my ride! What you driving these days Coach?”  Ray – “TRUCK! You?”

Update 2: MSU Head Coach Rick Ray announced a formal apology to Marshall Henderson and Ole Miss (1/26/14):

“I responded inappropriately to an Ole Miss player [Saturday] in our game,” Ray said in a statement he texted Sunday. “I reached out to [Ole Miss] coach [Andy] Kennedy immediately to apologize and subsequently to the player too. There is no reason for a coach to ever have interaction with an opposing player, ever, regardless of the circumstances. I was more upset with our performance than the player. I was totally at fault.”

Ole Miss and Mississippi State is the SEC’s most played basketball rivalry.  Both programs rarely have major success in basketball, the biggest item up for grabs when they play is pride.

Even though the schools are only 100 miles apart and many families in the state are split on their allegiance, some things are quite different as the two schools met for the 249th time in Oxford, MS.

MSU head coach Rick Ray is a strict, hard-nosed coach in the second year of a rebuild from the ground up.  Several players have been dismissed from the squad he inherited in 2012 that did not have any players to spare.

Coach Ray, by all accounts is making strides and is getting the most out of his players, in at least effort, if they are not able to shoot from long range.

His players are made up of the guys he couldn’t run off.  The hard nosed gutty guys who will accept discipline and play as hard as they possible can.

They still come up short against more talented teams, but you won’t beat them in effort.

Ole Miss’ Senior guard Marshall Henderson may be the antithesis of a Rick Ray type player.  A flashy guy who is quick to shoot and take credit for any success his team has.

Even though Rick Ray is not a Mississippi guy, he has quickly taken to the rivalry and has won both games he has coached against the Rebels on his home floor in Starkville.

His home win earlier this season resulted in a huge celebration in the locker room to the point that even Coach Ray himself got into the dance line and “busted a move” with his players in celebration.

With only six scholarship players on the team, two bench players and football player or two, Rick Ray entered Ole Miss’ Tad Smith Coliseum as a 12 point underdog and quickly fell behind, eventually losing to the Rebels in a game where Ray was not happy with the score or the effort from his bulldogs.

As reported by the Commercial Dispatch’s Matthew Stevens, Rick Ray was quoted in post game, saying, “We didn’t compete.  Everytime we play somebody good on the road, it’s not even a ballgame.”

The Bulldogs have not won a road SEC game yet this year.  When asked what seems to be different about playing on the road, Coach Ray said, “I have no idea.  If I knew that, I would try to adjust.  I can’t put my thumb on it.”

With a 3-3 record in the SEC, the Bulldogs face the SEC leading Florida Gators and the always elite Kentucky Wildcats sandwiching two road games to Vanderbilt and Texas A&M.  MSU could likely lose all four.

Coach Ray has gotten a lot from this thin, young team but taking frustration out on opposing players is out of character to this point.

At least you can’t deny that he is personally invested in his team and getting the most he can from his Dogs.



29 thoughts on “Mississippi State’s Head Coach Rick Ray Loses His Temper with Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson After a Tough Road Loss”

  1. I agree with everything but trying to lump UM and MSU’s success together as “minor.”

    In the last 20 years MSU has won an outright SEC title, 6 or 7 West division titles, 3 SEC tournaments, received 8 NCAA tourney invites, reached the Sweet 16 twice and the Final Four.

    They are not great now. But, that’s more than minor.

  2. Well, State has been to a final four with at least one reg. season conference championship and several division championships. On the other hand OM is still the only school in the conference without a regular season conference championship. Realistically speaking, the programs are on different planets as far as accomplishments, and even facilities.

  3. The bears are nowhere close to being as good in athletics as MSU. This is provable, no debate necessary. When the bears play for a national title in any of the big three sports, then we can debate. Hell, they can’t win the west, can’t get to Omaha and never cracked the elite eight. This is OUR STATE! Go dawgs!!

    1. Ole Miss has been to Omaha, and has many more football accomplishments than State. Your final four appearance is a good one and amazing work getting those guys eligible with 36 summer hours

      1. Yeah, OM has been to Omaha…..before I was born in ’78 though. And show me some of OM’s football accomplishments from our lifetime that hasn’t been matched by State. OM couldn’t even clinch the West with Eli in the driver’s seat. State has even been able to punch their ticket to ATL. Either way, OM isn’t this gridiron powerhouse that their fans think they are.

          1. I never said State was a powerhouse in basketball. My point was that State just clearly has a much better basketball program than OM in terms of accomplishments and facilities. OMs new ball facility will just be a ripoff of Auburn’s arena. And nobody but OM fans think that OM is a powerhouse in football, so there really is no argument there. People outside of their delusional ilk tend to be a bit more realistic about things.

        1. Most normal programs would have dismissed Henderson. People get serious jail time for what he was arrested on. No real discipline, no real change : Kennedy is asking him a disservice, whatever his playing ability.

    2. We are not the bears….we are Ole Miss Rebels! The Black Bear, named Rebel, is our mascot. Not to mention we are currently the SEC Champs! Hotty Toddy!

  4. “Ole Miss’ Senior guard Marshall Henderson may be the antithesis of a Rick Ray type player. A flashy guy who is quick to shoot and take credit for any success his team has.”

    This, in my opinion, is a lazy analysis built around the conception that Henderson is a selfish player — one based solely on his high-volume shooting metrics. Despite a poor shooting night, Henderson played perhaps his most complete game as a Rebel on Saturday, dishing out four assists (a number that would have been significantly higher had his teammates’ shots fallen) and grabbing four steals. The image of Henderson as a greedy, me-first player fits neatly within the ESPN narrative, but fails to consider his growing abilities as a passer.

      1. Agreed Acey. He thinks every play he made was the best thing since sliced bread. More passing, but all Henderson. I dont see Marshall changing unfortunately.

        1. I certainly hope the opportunities OleMiss has given him will make a difference in his life and he will be a big success story. A lot of people in the world do struggle with addictions

  5. Um… no.

    You made the claim that Marshall takes sole credit for the Rebels’ wins. You should be the one to back that statement up with factual evidence. You know, like a real journalist.

  6. If I were a Miss St. Fan, I would be disgusted with the coaching preformance of Rick Ray.

    Someone noted States history in NCAAM in a previous comment. Because RICK RAY isnt preforming at all and has multiple accusations of HOME COOKING, should tell you what u need to do with him, not what happend 50 years ago.


  7. @John Ole Miss has a black bear as a mascot now, just like Bama has an elephant as a mascot and Auburn has an eagle. You really need to grow up it would appear.

  8. Apparently you haven’t watched MH much. He doesn’t take credit for his teams success – it’s actually the opposite.

  9. What a joke of a statement…what big name person is in pro from state….I can name lots from Ole Miss…HOTTY TODDY!!!!! Ole Miss is know for producing pro material athletes year after year.

  10. Ole Miss has MUCH bigger fish to fry than MSU in the coming years. Glad he apologized for letting Marshall get to him. I believe Ray is a good coach and a good guy. Marshall, well at least he’s our @$$ H*%@!!! Hotty Toddy!!

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