Brandon – Oak Grove Waning Seconds Will Leave You Turning Your Head

This weekend the 6A -Champion in Mississippi High School Football will be decided between defending champion, Oak Grove and South Panola.  Both of these clubs are very deserving of their championship appearance and both should make for a heck of a ballgame.

But – as always in football there can be some drama and last week’s south state championship match-up between Brandon and Oak Grove had it’s share.

In the final minutes of the ballgame, Brandon drove inside the Oak Grove 30-yard line with no timeouts left, trailing 36-35 and positioned their kicker, JP Burke for a would be 34-yard game winning kick with eight-seconds left.

The kick sailed left, but should there have been another try at the field goal?  We will let you decide as here is a snap shot of that play.


This is not to throw anyone under the bus on this play, but there was an official just off to the back left side of Burke and quarterback Gardner Minshew, who was the holder on the play.  Unless my eyes are fooling me, Burke got cleaned out on the play – flat run over and there was a “no call” on the play.

Here is another angle of that play.


Again, you be the judge here; should there have been a”half the distance to the goal” call and a re-kick?

This is surely one of those plays that makes you turn your head sideways and probably squint your eyes when you realize there was a “no call” on the play.

Oak Grove took the final snap in victory formation and escaped with a 1-point victory.

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