Mississippi State Football: The surprises, the positives, and what went wrong.


I am very proud of these young men for playing their hearts out for four quarters. I’m proud that we finally made some kind of adjustment in the second half. I saw a lot of positives tonight but play calling is still a big part of what is holding this team back.

It’s like Mullen is afraid to unleash Dak for four quarters. That said I am proud that we didn’t go conservative the whole second half tonight because we usually do. The talent is there and it’s easy to see, but we have to take chances and not go so conservative at times.
I question the three or four 3rd and 1 calls to run straight up the gut early on because my 8 year old son was calling it from our living room. That essentially took away at least nine to twelve more plays for us.

However, we did something we haven’t done all year, we adjusted & was bouncing to the edge on 3rd and 1 or faking the handoff and Dak taking off for first downs. We got more creative, but a little too late.
I honestly don’t think we have to rely on Dak alone. We have a stud that got only 9 carries tonight. Josh Robinson is a play maker and a very good football player. The coaches have got to find a way to get him more touches. We need to ride Josh, Dak, D-Runnya and Jameon the rest of the year.

They are a very talented crew. Mix in Ashton running hard between the tackles & some Perkins runs out on the edge & screen passes. Get him out in the open more often and stop the between the tackles stuff with him.
Our defense could be special but we have a huge weakness at the safety position. Jay Hughes going down early in the year has really hurt this unit from a leadership and talent stand point. This unit is hurting us badly. Our cornerbacks are very young, yet very talented.

This unit could be very good with more game experience, but I’m still not sure why it seems like we give a ten yard cushion almost every pass play. Maybe it’s to make up for the lack of safety play, I don’t know.
Anyone who does not see that we have talent is blind or being naive. We have tons of talent and young talent at that. We just have to execute and the coaches have to put our players in a better position to succeed. This team has not quit.

We found that out tonight nor has Mullen lost this team, on or off the field. To me, it’s all about play calling, execution (at times) and inexperience. These are problems that can certainly be fixed.
I feel like we have a very good chance to beat Arkansas and Ole Miss and “compete” with Bama. I saw a whole different attitude against Texas A&M and for that I’m proud, but still disappointed at the loss because I do not think we are ten points worse than the Aggies.

┬áLet’s just hope this effort and attitude carries over the rest of the year. I have faith that it will.

I cannot write this article without giving Dak Prescott a huge shoutout. This young man is simply amazing. He will be a star before he leaves Starkville and will be a household name.

The effort this guy gave tonight, after missing practice all week because of the tragic death of his mother, just cannot be explained with words.

I am on the Dak Dynasty bandwagon and I think this young man will make special things happen in Starkville. He will be a one man wrecking crew and will be very hard to game plan for the next couple of years. Dak, I give you two thumbs up for your valiant effort against the Aggies.

I believe that you can bring this team together for at least two more wins and a fourth straight bowl appearance. Thanks and God Bless!


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  1. I also believe that the aiodtidn of Texas A & M would be good for the SEC and I as a MSU fan do root for ALL SEC schools to win their bowl games, We as SEC members must stand together against our enemies which after conference play becomes all other conferences. we need to go 9-0 or 10-0 in Bowl games. and one day Dan Mullen will once again have us back in the Georgia Dome, but this time we will WIN.

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