Creating the Who Dat Network

In the last decade, cable systems around the country have seen the birth of new sport networks that centers around one team. Two examples of these networks would be the Yankees’ YES Network which not only broadcast New York Yankee regular season baseball games but also programs like “Yankeeography” and classic Yankee games to cure any diehard Yankee fan’s baseball fix and ESPN’s Longhorn Network, which is devoted to University of Texas athletics and Texas high school football.

The other day, someone on my Twitter timeline threw out the idea of having an all-Saints network, something that, if one mentioned this idea 10 years ago, would have been nothing but a pipe dream.

However, since Katrina, the Saints have won three division titles, played in two NFC championship games, and won something called the Lombardi Trophy. Aside from the success on the field, the franchise has a vast legion of fans that stretches beyond the Pelican State due in part to having one of the NFL’s more popular players in Drew Brees on the roster.

So this begs the question: What would some of the shows be on the Who Dat Network?

Mornings with Jim and the Cajun Cannon

Jim Henderson and Bobby Hebert gets the day started with Saints news as well as interviews with legendary players and fans from the franchise’s colorful past.

The Bless You Girls

For 90 minutes, ladies from the Who Dat Nation talk Saints football as well as interviews with your favorite Saints plus recipes for gameday as well as fashion. Think of it as the Who Dat Nation version of “The Talk”.

Real World New Orleans

The Who Dat Network would not be complete without the Real World New Orleans 2010.

Black and Gold Classics

From Garrett Hartley’s kick to the first playoff win in franchise history, this show would a scaled-down replay of some of the greatest moments in Saints history.

The Daily Falcon Hate Hour

The team in Atlanta, forever known for scoring two points in a playoff game, is reminded of their failures with 60 minutes of hatred.






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