LSU grad student makes mark in Crossfit

From the moment I joined Twitter in the spring of 2009 to the midpoint of the 2010 LSU football season, I could count on my hand how many Tiger fans I followed on Twitter.

As the 2010 season went on and the Tigers’ dreams of a BCS title went up in smoke, my number of LSU followers on Twitter began to increase.

Among them was Aislinn Herrera, who I thought for a long time was a dead ringer for legendary singer and actress Lena Horne (no, seriously I assumed this).

“I guess you could say I’m an ordinary person,” she said in a recent interview with Make It Rain Sports.

Currently a graduate student at LSU, Ms. Herrera’s Crossfit journey began two years ago.

“A friend of mine suggested it to me,” Herrera recalled, “At the time, I was really fat. Like, really fat. I was like 5’2 and 190 pounds and somehow the weight was pretty even across my body.  So one Saturday I called the people at Red Stick CrossFit. The following Tuesday I attended my free intro class. The workout killed me so naturally, I fell in love. ”








Photo courtesy of Aislinn Herrera

Since joining Red Stick CrossFit, the Texas native has been impressed with the growth of the Crossfit movement throughout not only the Baton Rouge area, but also south Louisiana.

“In the two years I’ve been involved with Crossfit, I’ve been blessed to see the community grow exponentially.  Boxes (another word for gym) are popping up everywhere around the Baton Rouge area and every event I go to, new people are showing up. It’s exciting to see more people become more hands on with their fitness. I personally think that through programs such as Crossfit, people have the ability to control their own physical and mental wellness.”

As of this writing,  Herrera, like so many Crossfitters around the Southeast, is heading to San Antonio for the South Central Regional Competition.  One of the three regional competitions held this weekend, it will take place at the Freeman Coliseum beginning Friday.

Given that Crossfit in recent years has become a polarizing topic in recent years, Herrera had this to say.

“Unlike most fitness things, Crossfit doesn’t have a set time or an end. Meaning that, the overall goal for a person doing Crossfit is to be their best them.  Fitness is relative and we’re all out here to just be our best us. Which is great and a recipe for success. I mean, really, when we’re at our fittest and prepared for the unknown and unknowable, who really loses? No one.”

You can read more about Ms. Herrera’s Crossfit journey on her blog, Eat, Pray, WOD

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