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Jake Wimberly

A graduate of Mississippi State University in Engineering but a professor in sports – especially college football and all things Mississippi State. Jake is also the Vice President of Make it Rain Sports with a background in sports writing as he covered Mississippi High School Football for a number of years. His no holds bar approach has been a breath of fresh air but also caused major heart burn to many; especially fans of rival school Ole Miss. Jake is never afraid to call it like he sees it and will call you out if he disagrees with you; which is most of the time. His hobbies are spending quality time with his beautiful wife Kathryn, Mstate sports, fitness, his adult semi pro flag football team NOS, and causing major butt hurt for fans of Tsun (Ole Miss). Follow on Twitter @NotJoeLeeDunn.



Acey Roberts

Acey is from the Jackson, MS area with an engineering degree from Ole Miss (the oldest engineering program in “Our State”), but doesn’t let his day job prevent him from displaying his passion for Ole Miss and SEC sports. While waiting for the day Ole Miss Football returns to glory, he objectively comments on the current news of the day. Acey is one of the founders of MakeItRainSports and hopes that by joining forces with, the total domination of other SEC sites will be forthcoming. Loves BBQ and female fitness instructors; Hates commas and LSU. Follow on Twitter @Aceyrob.


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