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My thoughts/Apologies/FinsUpAP

For the last couple of days I have sat back and watched what I always thought was true in the back of my head, which is Analesa Presley was too good to be true.  My jaw dropped when I saw everything but at the same time didn’t surprise me. At this point I feel that I need to speak my peace and move on with things. But first, what I say on here you will have to choose to believe it or not. That is up to you.

First and foremost, I want to public apologize to a few twitter handles (people if you will) for my actions over the past couple of years. BeastmanSteve, Dawgsmack, CopiahDawg, Flabloser, Steve Robertson, MSU2417, Coach 34 and especially Lumbararthritis. I am sure there are others I may have left off and I do apologize for that as well.

The reason I always took up for her was I thought it was who she said she was. As Acey has told in his write up, we all took it at face value from phone conversation with her.  I, like Acey, was not going to spend time driving three hours to try and track her down. I took up for her because I don’t think people should be bullied. I am sure you’ll say I did some bullying as well (I’ll get to that in a second). I always believed in ribbing people and having fun with the rivals of MSU/UM but never liked bullying.

Now I as far as me bulling, let me set the record straight on that; particularly with Lumbararthritis. I NEVER sought out your information, called your work, and harassed your family. Yes I was shown your information by AP but I did not investigate whom you were/are/worked/etc.  I may have made comments that were over the top a couple of years ago trying “protect”, what I thought, was a friend at the time. Again I do humbly apologize publicly for that. As far as Copiahdawg and the whole “followed you on twitter and unfollowed you to get your information” that was all a fallacy and something you can’t even do. As far as I know following anonymous people on twitter doesn’t give you personally information of someone you do not know.

Closing my account on Tuesday had nothing to do with the outing of AP at the end of the week. Mine was merely because I had done to me what AP did to Lumbararthritis by fauxwallace.  I cannot understand for the life of me how making a wise crack about Dak Prescott potentially being drunk in PCB warranted putting my personal work information on there and going to my boss. But again, I get it, everyone though I tracked down information on Lumbar so they thought it was fair game.  As far people saying I used my job and company software to seek out people is farther from the truth. You people do not matter to me that much to jeopardize my family’s livelihood just to find out some anonymous account.

What I know about AP, is nothing more than what y’all know. I did not in any way make up or run that account.  I did talk with her on the phone and she would call me crying about being bullied but that was the extent of what I know about her. She always gave me the same stories as she did anyone else. She was from Fulton/Tremont area, lived in Ohio for a year, came back home and attended college.  That is all I knew and cared to know, again I am not tracking down a person.

Some of you want to compare time frames of when RebelAP, RebelAGP or FinsupAP came into existence which was around the time MIRS was made, this is far from correct. The original handle was analesapresley, princess Presley or princessap happened to chime in on a conversation about Ole Miss in the fall of 2011 I believe. Acey, Jake and I didn’t come up with MIRS till a year later. Now the princes Presley or whatever handle disappeared for a while and came back as one of those RebelAp thereafter. MIRS was already formed by that time.  Again, WE didn’t have anything to do with the creation or running of the AP account.

I, like everyone else, would like to know who she really is. Will we ever find out, who knows? Would it even help if you knew who it was? What would you do if that person did apologize? Would you continually bully her or let it go?  All I can do at this point is apologize for my actions over the years for being duped/lied to/tricked and move on with life.





Guidelines of Tweeting Recruits….


It’s finally here!! The eve of National Signing Day for college football  recruits. Many of you have waited for this day ever since the regular season was over. Many of you have seen, talked, tweeted about your opinions  on creeps/creepers out there when it comes to tweeting at/to recruits so I figured we would give you some guidelines of what you should and shouldn’t do when tweeting recruits.

But let us first remember these kids get on social media for the attention and they love it. If they didn’t want the attention they wouldn’t be on social media asking “show me some love” at a particular school/fan base. Not to mention the negative stuff they see I would assume they just look over and keep on going.  Even though these are kids, they aren’t dumb or naive enough to have social media sway their future life changing decision.


  1. Promises to get him laid.                                                                                             -Why do you think it’s a great idea to promise or tell a recruit that you can get him laid? The truth is you probably can’t get laid yourself, so just don’t.
  2. Show your assets!                                                                                                           -Ladies no need to show your tits or cleavage to a recruit via tweet.
  3. Negative shots at a recruit.                                                                                       -If they don’t pick your school, why do you feel the need to tweet negative comments to them?
  4. Negativity tweets about Rival Schools                                                             -If a recruit is looking at your rival school and NOT your school at all don’t be that guy that tracks them and sends them delusions of grandeur lies/rumors about said rival school. You look like an even bigger toolbag than normal.
  5. Try to be their best friends.                                                                                        -You don’t care about this kid so don’t pretend you have his best interest in mind.
  6. Using Faith or Religion.                                                                                               -Now there is NOTHING wrong with you professing your faith if you you’re going to live it but if you use it in some attempt to use it as a recruiting tool, you’ve got bigger issues in life that you need to address… and PLEASE don’t give me I’m being a hypocrite while you profess you’re a christian in your bio all the while you’re tearing down a recruit, constantly cussing/slandering your so called “rival” twitter handles.

Acceptable things to do:

  1. Tweet AT them.                                                                                                              -Its okay to tweet at them. Meaning “Would love to have “Recruit Name” stop by campus for a visit.
  2. Congratulate them on their accomplishments
  3. Congratulate them on their signing decision                                                 -Once they have committed somewhere congratulate them and move on. There is no point for you to belittle a kid for not choosing your school or your rival school as mentioned above. MOVE ON!!!

Don’t give me an “It’s wrong” or it’s a “NCAA violation” crap. Bottom line with NCAA, they can’t govern their own selves much less try to monitor every single piece of social media out there.  Social Media and Recruits are here to stay. As hard as it is for me to say, like it, deal with it or ignore all together. But don’t sit there and say you’ll ignore it and troll the people who do it.  So take note people and start doing right!



Interview with Ross Bjork









It’s game week FINALLY!!!..   Just in case you missed it last week we interviewed Athletic Director of Ole Miss, Ross Bjork.  We talked expectations, future scheduling, future building plans and handling social media.  


Carbo’s Corner

Over the past couple of days I have just sat by and watched twitter/Facebook explode with various opinions and thoughts so I decided I would start a new section called “Carbo’s Corner”. I don’t say much and not really the “face” of MIRS as my other two partners are but I figure it was time to get in the game more. This is my opinions ONLY, whether it’s homerish or not, and random thoughts. I would love feed back because, as you know, I’m always up for a debate, rant or whatever.

What is Make It Rain Sports?

First and foremost I can tell you that we are NOT a newspaper!!! Read that again… WE ARE NOT A NEWSPAPER!  MIRS was created to entertain, make fun of, poke and prod at things other personalities wouldn’t dare touch.  Yes there are times we present the news and have great guests on our show, but the ultimate thing is entertainment.  If you want full time boring news there are plenty of those outlets.

NFL and new proposed penalties.

We all know that this is the big league with big boys playing big boy football. But we still kinda forget that these are mostly young men who don’t always think before they react. The NFL is a big money machine that spends a LOT of money on the talent. We as fans pay dearly for this in merchandise and even more in ticket sales. As anyone has noticed over the last few years ticket prices have gone through the roof.

With that said, there are some dumb things that go on with these players and they need to make better decisions in the heat of the moment.  Stay with me here… These guys are paid MILLIONS of dollars to bring their talents, swag, etc., to the team in order to gain the ultimate prize, the Lombardi Trophy. However, what we see often during heated times is lack of discipline that hinders the whole team.

For example, say a wide out and corner are running down the field and the play results in a batted ball. The two of them should go their separate ways right? No, instead one starts running his mouth causing an altercation and receives a personal foul. This hurts the whole team, not just that player. My suggestion would be certain penalties should have monetary fines for that player. I know you’re think No-No, that is apart of the game… well yes it is, but these things happen a lot more than they should these days.

Think about this, not only are these guys players, they are also mentors, superheros to young kids, ambassadors for the NFL. Would you want someone that tries to fight the opposing team every time they are on the field?  Do you want your kids to see that?

Monetary fines for blatant fouls or even multiple fouls in a single game by a single player for that matter. What do I mean about that? Well, if you follow the Saints you would know that our line is a little bit weak on one side and tends to have multiple false starts on the line.  If this is done by one person, why not fine them. That would get their attention wouldn’t it?

Now as far as where the money goes, I say it stays in the franchise and NOT to the hands of Satan aka Goodell or maybe a local charity were the franchise is held?

Marshall Henderson/Rick Ray

Well well, my two counter parts have created such a sh*t storm with their articles I figured I would throw mine in the ring..

Marshall Henderson is a good player, I’ll give him that. He is an outside the box, 3 point shooting, parting/whitegirlwednesday player. Yes he can be good at times and you have to say, he can’t play well unless he can be Marshall.

Lets stop and think this through for a minute.  In actuality, he is a kid. Kids do dumb things.  Kids do odd things to get their game going. Kids do things differently. We have all been in that place before.  It may have not been in the college sports, but we have all done dumb things and people let us be who we are.  None of us figure things out till later in life. Let him be him and let it go. The truth is all Ole Miss fans want is the W.

The truth about the Ole Miss basketball team is they are just an average team without Marshall. It’s a young group that is still developing and honestly there would be a lot more “L’s” on the record if he wasn’t there.

Oh Rick, we know you are frustrated having to rebuild a team after Stansbury ran that thing into the ground.  But please keep your composure during a game. You cannot let a 18 yrs kid get under your skin and pop off at the mouth. Yes I know AK is a drunkin lunatic but he hasn’t F bombed a kid.

Rick is a good coach and I personally believe he is doing a hell of job at MSU with what he has. Stay focused and he’ll have a winning program once again.

So let’s hear your thoughts/rants about my opinions.  Come one come all.





You gotta love the Red Cup Rebellion for their fans and sense of whit…

With National Signing Day only a few days away, and the potential coup in recruiting that our wondrous university is about to pull over many of the nation’s power house programs, I thought I would put together a series of images which convey my impression of the rest of the nation’s attitude and thoughts towards our potential recruiting success this season. I hope you enjoy, and Hotty Toddy.

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