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THE #MIRS SEC PLAYOFF – Semi Final Round

ESPN recently did their version of an SEC playoff, in honor of the start of the 2014 college football playoff system.  ESPN showed how they thought the SEC might pan out – IF there was a playoff format.

We like to keep it fun and fresh so we decided to do our own version of an SEC playoff but, with a twist.  You get to vote on the games.

Over the next week, we will let this thing play out to see just how homerish you can be or not be.

So let the selecting begin for the semi finals.

Note:  Rankings compiled off of 2013 finish and returning starters.



#MIRS SEC Football Tournament Round Two Results

Round two of the #MIRS SEC Football Tournament Challenge is in the books.  The votes are in and based on the votes, we laid out how the games probably went.

The results are as follows.  Round three will be coming your way shortly.

Alabama dismantles Florida –

Behind a stellar running game and a great defensive game plan, the Crimson Tide easily advanced to the semi-finals of the SEC football tournament and put Florida coach Will Muschamp on an even hotter seat.

Bama 35 Florida 10

LSU Has its Way with Georgia –

Everyone keeps laughing at him and he just keeps eating grass and winning.  Les Miles Tigers opened up their offense in the second half and got enough pressure on Georgia’s quarterbacks to make them ineffective. LSU advances on.

Tigers 28 Georgia 17

Auburn Breaks States Heart Again –

This game over the last five years has been a close one and this one wasn’t any different.  Both offenses put up good numbers but, in the end, it was the Gus Bus that was able to do just a little more.

AU Tigers 40 Miss State 33

Ole Miss Makes Spurrier Eat His Words –

Steve Spurrier always has a candid remark to say about Ole Miss but, the Rebs finally got the opportunity to shut him up and they made it count.  In the biggest shocker thus far, the Rebs upend the Gamecocks and move on to the semi’s.

Ole Miss 24 USC 20

Dex Hopkins

Central Mississippi takes Center Stage at 2014 CrossFit Regionals in San Antonio

From the Gulf Coast to Desoto County and everywhere between, the State of Mississippi has a proud heritage.  From great food, music, hospitality and more – this state offers everyone something they can enjoy and be proud of.

One word though, that has never been associated with the state of Mississippi is the word “fitness.”

Per 2010 state obesity rates, the State of Mississippi leads the union with a 34% obesity rate.  The numbers are staggering which is why you are seeing campaigns around the state encouraging activity, fitness and a better lifestyle.

One group that has taken the lead and embracing the “fitness lifestyle” is the CrossFit community.

CrossFit was founded by former gymnast Greg Glassman and is a strength and conditioning regimen that promotes broad and general overall physical fitness, using a wide variety of exercises more commonly found in the activities of weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics.

Designed to enhance a wide array of physical characteristics simultaneously such as cardiovascular endurance, power, flexibility, speed, agility, and balance, the popularity of CrossFit has truly taken off in recent years.

Marylin Keller

Marylin Kelleher

Not only has the CrossFit craze exploded as an alternative fitness lifestyle – the sport of CrossFit has erupted as well – worldwide.

The CrossFit Games have become the ultimate test of physical fitness around the world, broken into three stages.

The games begin with the CrossFit Open.  The open is just what it says it is; it is “open” to anyone that wants to participate.

This year’s open broke the Guinness Book of Worlds Record for the most people to compete in a fitness event of any kind, at one time.  Over two hundred-thousand people registered to compete for the title “fittest on earth.” This tops major events like the Boston Marathon or worldwide iron man events.

After the open, the CrossFit games extends invitations to the top 48-men and 48-women in each region to compete in a grueling three day event, with the top three men and women in each region getting invitations to Carson City, California for the worldwide CrossFit Games competition, to determine who is the fittest on earth.

There are 17-regions worldwide, expanding over five continents – with one of those regions in San Antonio, Texas.

Central Mississippi will be well represented on May 23rd at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio as six native Mississippian’s will compete for those coveted CrossFit Games invitations and all the while, showing the region and country that Mississippi is serious about their fitness.

Jessica Malone, Hunter Owen, Marylin Keller, Dex Hopkins Cameron Wilson and Hollye Henderson will carry the torch of a state labeled “out of shape” over to Texas to prove they not only belong with the fittest on earth but, could very well be the fittest.

For Malone, Keller, Owen and Wilson – they have been here before, with Owen leading the charge as this will be his fourth consecutive regionals appearance.  This will be Hopkins and Henderson’s first appearance and although the experience is varied between the group, the goal is the same.  Do the best you can and hope it’s good enough to get one of those coveted three spots to the Games.

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Five Biggest Bulldog Sports Personalities of All Time – Number Four Dontae Jones

By now everyone is aware of all the attention Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott is getting.  From Heisman dark horse mentions, to even him leading his team possibly to the college football playoff – Prescott’s attention has arguably rivaled anything ever seen in Starkville.

Every now and again an athlete comes along and just grabs you, as you are drawn to that player.  Statistically they may not be the best at their position or at the top of the record books.  Charisma, emotion and other factors that player has can grab a fan base.

Over the next week we will be looking at the top five biggest sports personalities that have ever walked through Mississippi State.  This will not include coaches, just players and this is my opinion so fill free to give us your choices.

Today we look at number four on the list, Dontae Jones – 1996 Final Four participant.

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Debunking the Mississippi State Football Schedule Myth


I remember being a kid and going on youth retreats or playing games in school and one of the games we use to play was Chinese whispers.

Chinese Whispers is a game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group.

Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first. Reasons for changes include anxiousness or impatience, erroneous corrections, and that some players may deliberately alter what is being said to guarantee a changed message by the end of the line.

Mississippi State and Mississippi fans seem to argue over anything.  Who has the best quarterback, tailgate area, who can make the best tailgate food and more.

It seems though, over the last five years, Mississippi fans have been playing a continued game of Chinese whispers when it comes to Mississippi State’s football strength of schedule.

If you are the “average” college football fan and got to discussing Mississippi State’s football schedule, you would think the Bulldogs have simply played bottom beaters, when this is hardly the case.

schedule 2

So where is the truth in all of this and why has Ole Miss fan been so adamant that the Bulldogs never play anyone and have said this so much, that they truly believe it to be true?

Well, let’s answer the second part first.

Mississippi State is on one heck of a run under Dan Mullen.  Four straight bowl games, four straight winning seasons and Mullen is, as we know 4-1 against Mississippi.

If you dive into the mind of an Ole Miss fan, this is simply not and I mean NOT supposed to happen.  They are the football school of choice in Mississippi, they are “recruiting U” and they have a street named 18.

For Mississippi State to have football success it has to be something other than they are a pretty darn good team.

They have tried trashing Mississippi State’s recruiting rankings but, that has just about played out.  How can you trash a team’s recruiting when they beat you on a regular basis?

So – it has to be the schedule right?  I mean the Bulldogs play Alcorn and Jackson State for God sakes.  That’s what it is!  The schedule, they might as well be in the SWAC!

Well – actually that’s not true either.  Yes, Mississippi State has played Alcorn and Jackson State, multiple times but, every SEC school schedules down to some degree in their non-conference scheduling.

You may schedule Idaho, Jacksonville State, Troy or even Samford and LA Monroe.

The fact is, nobody plays four strong out of conference games in a given year and Mississippi State has actually played their fair share of non-conference powers in the past.

So how have the Bulldogs fared since Mullen has been in Starkville on the schedule front, since all you hear, is how weak their schedule is, you might ask?

His first year the Bulldogs finished the year, with an SOS (strength of schedule), of 7th in the nation per – All of these can be seen here by the way.

In 2010, the year the Bulldogs beat Michigan in the Gator Bowl, the Dawgs ended up with the – 7th hardest schedule in the country – again.

2011 saw the Bulldogs again go bowling and again play an impressive schedule that ranked 11th in the country.

2012 was the  “We Believe” season that saw State start off 7-0 and BY GOD IT WAS THE SCHEDULE BECAUSE YOU LOST FIVE OF SIX TO END THE YEAR AGAINST REAL TEAMS!

Again, the Bulldogs played the 13th hardest schedule in the country.

2013 saw the Bulldogs again make post season and play the 4th toughest schedule in the good ole US of A.

schedule 3

So again, I pose the question, why has Ole Miss fan been so adamant the Bulldogs schedule is weak, over a period where the Bulldogs have a composite schedule ranking of 8th versus the Rebs composite ranking of 15?

Because there has to be a reason; there has to be a reason these guys in Starkville are winning.

This fall, the Bulldogs actually play the weakest schedule they will have had under Dan Mullen. The Bulldogs have the 12th hardest schedule in the SEC and as I previously state here, Bulldog fans should not apologize for their schedule strength as it’s about time things fall their way on the schedule docket.

But – even after all of this, there will still be those who truly believe the Bulldogs just don’t play anyone.

They have played this game of Chinese Whispers at nausea and truly believe it.

Just look, they are already convincing themselves of it again and we haven’t even played the first game of 2014.

schedule 1