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Photo via Dak Dillon - USA Today

Ole Miss at LSU: Do or Die?

Ole Miss is on the “back turn” of the SEC basketball season and despite having 19 wins, they still have some work to do to make sure they get that NCAA at-large bid.

Today the Rebels face the imaginary Tigers, native to the State of Louisiana, for a game that could very well be a “do-or-die” game.

It would give Ole Miss 9 top 100 RPI wins and a potential 5th top 50 RPI if LSU can finish strong.  A loss on the road to a quality LSU team is not devastating but with the home loss to Georgia, they are running out of time to impress the tournament committee.

Unlike Georgia, LSU has two quality scoring threats.  Forwards Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey average 16.5 points per game, the same as Ole Miss’ Stefan Moody.

This team will put even more pressure on the Ole Miss front court who was beat up a little late against Georgia.

Ole Miss was within two points of Georgia with two minutes left to play when Georgia took it down low and had their way with the Rebels, eeking out a four point victory.

Granted Ole Miss had a cold night shooting and could easily overcome their offensive struggles in the paint by trading three pointers for two.

Can Ole Miss get hot early and win a game they “should” win?  We shall see soon!

Andy Kennedy made a passionate case for his team to step up their emotion after the team looked like they were going through the motions Wednesday night.

This is not a do or die game but would remove most of the late season drama if the Rebels can pull it off.


Pts per game: LSU 74, Ole Miss 73

Rebounds per game: LSU 39.6, Ole Miss 37.5

Field goal %: LSU 50.7, Ole Miss 48.6

Three pointers made: Ole Miss 6.5, LSU 5.6



Photo via Dak Dillon – USA Today
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MIRS Interview: Rod Walker Talks Shea Patterson, Ole Miss Recruiting 2016

(Listen to the MIRS Interview on RebelSportsRadio – Click Here)

Joining us now on the Make It Rain Sports show is Rod Walker with the New Orleans Advocate.  Rod lets talk about Ole Miss commitment of Shea Patterson, the #1 2016 QB out of Calvary Baptist in Shreveport.  He looks really polished and he seems to have skills for the college game.  Calvary is a 2A school in Louisiana, tell us the difference between 2A in Louisiana and Mississippi.

It’s about the same, we have 5 classifications in Louisiana compared to 6 in Mississippi, so it’s (Calvary) still a small school but he has put up some yards, around 2500 yards passing, 38 touchdowns, with 3 interception.  He has played some big schools too, Parkway, West Monroe, Byrd.  West Monroe is one of the biggest programs in the state of Louisiana; one of the biggest in the country as far as what they have done.  He had 7 touchdowns against those three schools, so despite the small school, he is a legitimate guy.

I’m really looking forward to seeing him at Ole Miss if he holds true to his commitment and all indications are that he will.  He talks about graduating early and when you have a guy talking about leaving early, they are focused and they know what they want to do.  He is really a legitimate guy.  I’ve seen the comparison to Eli Manning, I didn’t see Eli in high school. But to be compared to Eli, with what he has done is a big honor.

You had a chance to see Shea play in high school.  In today’s college game, with Ole Miss’ Coach Freeze running an up-tempo offense, what kind of QB would you compare him to.

That’s a hard question really.  He will still put on a little more weight, but he is really talented, he can make all the throws.  He doesn’t have eye popping rushing numbers, but he has good mobility and can extend plays and avoid contact.  He just looks like a guy that is perfect for the personnel they have around him at Ole Miss.

I don’t know the ins and outs of what made him choose Ole Miss, but you look at other schools like say for instance, an LSU, and his talent really fits better at Ole Miss.  He had a chance to go up against another Ole Miss QB Jason Pellerin from New Iberia and got the win against him last year.  He is just a really solid player.

Since you are in New Orleans area, I know you follow LSU and Les Miles’ recruiting, he missed on a few big players this year, especially on the offensive and defensive line.  He basically had the attitude that if you don’t want to play in Louisiana, ‘to hell with you.’  Is that exodus of players something to be concerned about for LSU fans with guys like Patterson and other high profile players looking to go out of state.

Some have gotten away but he always has good players.  Shea is really not a native Louisiana guy.  He moved in from Texas and doesn’t have the ties to Louisiana like a lot of these guys do.  He does have a big commit Franks at the QB position from Florida and that may also have had an effect on Patterson’s decision.

Ole Miss also has wide receiver D.K. Metcalf in this class which should provide quite a nice 1-2 punch.

Definietly.  Once you get guys committing early, 5 star players, you attract other players.  Other players want to play with them, and will follow them, so it should do a lot for Ole miss recruiting

Hey Rod, we thank you for coming on the Make It Rain Show.  Follow Rod on Twitter at @RWalkerAdvocate and


Drive at Five Podcast – Jackson, MS Traffic Issues

The Drive at Five Podcast is just what it says.  Simply a Podcast done on the way home and it could cover a variety of topics.  If you’ve followed MakeitRain Sports over the years, you know we not only cover sports, but we voice our opinion on just about anything.

Today’s podcast is related to Jackson, MS traffic and drivers.

Listen here.


Guidelines of Tweeting Recruits….


It’s finally here!! The eve of National Signing Day for college football  recruits. Many of you have waited for this day ever since the regular season was over. Many of you have seen, talked, tweeted about your opinions  on creeps/creepers out there when it comes to tweeting at/to recruits so I figured we would give you some guidelines of what you should and shouldn’t do when tweeting recruits.

But let us first remember these kids get on social media for the attention and they love it. If they didn’t want the attention they wouldn’t be on social media asking “show me some love” at a particular school/fan base. Not to mention the negative stuff they see I would assume they just look over and keep on going.  Even though these are kids, they aren’t dumb or naive enough to have social media sway their future life changing decision.


  1. Promises to get him laid.                                                                                             -Why do you think it’s a great idea to promise or tell a recruit that you can get him laid? The truth is you probably can’t get laid yourself, so just don’t.
  2. Show your assets!                                                                                                           -Ladies no need to show your tits or cleavage to a recruit via tweet.
  3. Negative shots at a recruit.                                                                                       -If they don’t pick your school, why do you feel the need to tweet negative comments to them?
  4. Negativity tweets about Rival Schools                                                             -If a recruit is looking at your rival school and NOT your school at all don’t be that guy that tracks them and sends them delusions of grandeur lies/rumors about said rival school. You look like an even bigger toolbag than normal.
  5. Try to be their best friends.                                                                                        -You don’t care about this kid so don’t pretend you have his best interest in mind.
  6. Using Faith or Religion.                                                                                               -Now there is NOTHING wrong with you professing your faith if you you’re going to live it but if you use it in some attempt to use it as a recruiting tool, you’ve got bigger issues in life that you need to address… and PLEASE don’t give me I’m being a hypocrite while you profess you’re a christian in your bio all the while you’re tearing down a recruit, constantly cussing/slandering your so called “rival” twitter handles.

Acceptable things to do:

  1. Tweet AT them.                                                                                                              -Its okay to tweet at them. Meaning “Would love to have “Recruit Name” stop by campus for a visit.
  2. Congratulate them on their accomplishments
  3. Congratulate them on their signing decision                                                 -Once they have committed somewhere congratulate them and move on. There is no point for you to belittle a kid for not choosing your school or your rival school as mentioned above. MOVE ON!!!

Don’t give me an “It’s wrong” or it’s a “NCAA violation” crap. Bottom line with NCAA, they can’t govern their own selves much less try to monitor every single piece of social media out there.  Social Media and Recruits are here to stay. As hard as it is for me to say, like it, deal with it or ignore all together. But don’t sit there and say you’ll ignore it and troll the people who do it.  So take note people and start doing right!



MSU Basketball, Ole Miss game thoughts, and Malik Newman

First of all, we did not get any favors from the men in stripes Wednesday night. That was a ticky officiating crew, but I’m sure everyone that watched the game already knows that.

However, the refs aren’t the reason we lost the game. Unforced turnovers has killed MSU basketball all year, and last night was no different. That is a facet of the game that has got to be corrected, and corrected quickly.

The Rebels have a pretty decent basketball team. I’m not sure they will make it to the NCAA tournament because of some bad losses. However, they do have some good wins, but bad losses can often trump good wins.

I do not know how they have lost some of the games that they have managed to lose. They have decent inside play and fantastic guard play. They also have really good depth. They also have a “star” player in Stefan Moody.


Moody is a very good player. Last night was my first opportunity to watch him play. I could tell that he wasn’t having his best game shooting, but its obvious he is at least as good as advertised… possibly better than advertised.

We have a player coming in next year, Tookie Brown, who reminds me a little bit of Moody. Watching Stefan has excited me about seeing Brown suit up in the maroon and white next year.

As far as the Bulldog basketball team is concerned, we have looked much better the last several games. It gives me a “ray” of hope that perhaps not all is lost.

Coach Rick Ray is learning as he goes and his improvements, though small steps, are apparent. This team is now competing on a fairly consistent basis – perhaps not always winning, but at least making a game of it. This team is in need of another experienced inside man as well as a “shooter”.

It is possible that we already had them on the roster, but then Johnny Zuppardo’s season ended before it started (of course) & Maurice Dunlap hasn’t been very healthy all season. Dunlap, however, probably needs another year before he contributes as expected. We will just have to wait and see.

N’doye and Oliver Black are still very raw. Both are very workable pieces and pretty doggone talented. They might very possibly be ready to contribute by next year.


I wish Coach Ray would go out and find a college ready JUCO shooter or find a way to get Malik Newman in next season. If he can do that the 2015-2016 Bulldog basketball team will have an opportunity to take that next step and will be a great team.

If he can get Malik Newman, our shooting woes are over. The kid is better than any JUCO player in the Nation. In my opinion, he’s the best high school player in the nation. He could potentially leave Starkville with his own statue. Quite frankly, he’s just that good.

That said, things are starting to look positive for the future of our beloved Bulldogs. I hope that we give Rick Ray at least one more year if he continues competing on a high level for the remainder of this year. You can see that he’s learning from his mistakes, and that will certainly make him better. I have always believed in his potential as a coach and there has never been any question about his standards as a leader and disciplinarian of a team. If the improvement continues, then Coach Ray is the man for the job, because he is one very likable person who lives up to the decent, honest standards that we have for our athletic teams in Starkville.


Malik Newman can be the savior of the bulldog program. Malik’s dad is one of my all time favorite Bulldogs, but he can build his own legacy as a Bulldog. He is the missing link and has the potential to bring our Mississippi State Bulldog basketball program back to prominence.